Everyone has had that moment when you are dealing with a tough client and you don’t know what to do or say because you don’t want to lose your cool. You are put in a tough position and sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and listen to what they are saying, even if you don’t angry bullagree.

Below are some tips on how to deal with a person that is making you feel like you cannot do anything right. Before you read them, please keep in mind that everyone has felt like this at some point in their career and you are not alone! The ability to successfully deal with tough clients distinguishes the good from the great.

9 Ways to Help You Keep Your Cool

  1. Try to listen to what they are saying and not how they are saying it.
  2. Take what they are saying as constructive criticism.
  3. Learn from every mistake.
  4. Make sure you document the conversation so that any issues they have will not happen again.
  5. Go for a walk to get away from your computer to de-stress.
  6. After a difficult conversation, talk to your manager or co-workers about what happened. It will make you feel better to talk about it and they may have great advice for you.
  7. Before you end the call make sure you come up with a plan of action and it is put in place immediately.
  8. Take the time to find out what the client does outside of work. This will allow you to get to know them on a different level and open up about things outside of work.
  9. They may be difficult because their boss makes their job difficult. See what you can do to help make their job easier even if it is out of your scope of work. They will really appreciate the extra effort and remember that you helped make their day a little better.

Always remember that tomorrow is another day! Don’t let a tough client get the best of you. Learn from your mistakes and you will become a better person because of it.