vacationWe all need to take vacation in order to relax and de-stress. It is most important that while you are on vacation that you are not (always) thinking about work. With Memorial Day Weekend just a few hours away, the unofficial kick-off to summer signals the beginning of something your boss may not want to hear: long weekends and family vacations.

Here are a few tips to help you successfully leave work behind while you are drinking cocktails on the beach:

1. Contact Your Clients and Coworkers

Alert your clients and coworkers at least a week beforehand so they know you will not be in the office. Provide each client with the contact information for the person that will be covering for you while you are out.

2. Prep Your Back Up

Provide your back up with too much information. They need to know everything that is going on with your clients as well as the answers to every “what-if,” so create a list of what could possibly come up while you are out. Even if there is a newly resolved issue or something that is planned to happen down the road, provide this information to your back up. They need to know what to do if an issue comes up.

Sit down with the person that is covering for you before you leave and prioritize any issues. If a client is just constantly a pain and they don’t need to worry about it, just let them know because no one knows your clients better than you.

3. Set Up an Out of Office Message

Be sure to leave an out of office email as well as a voicemail. Even though you told your clients, they may not remember you are out throughout the week. In the out of office response, provide your back up’s contact information as well as a date of when you will be returning.

4. Leave Work at Work

Let your clients and coworkers know that you will not be checking email or your cell phone. It is not healthy to take work on vacation with you; take this time to relax and unwind. If you took all the steps to prepare your coworkers and clients, everything was left in good hands and your only job is to relax!

After all this is done, pack your bags and enjoy your time off!