Content Strategy - Car SummerNow that the long Fourth of July weekend has passed, the lazy, hazy dog days of summer are upon us.

As the weather heats up, summer vacations pile on and you’re counting down the minutes each night until you can get home and jump in the pool or fire up the grill.

It’s easy to get caught up in this – but don’t let your work get lazy, too!

Remember, just because you (and your customers) may be on vacation mode doesn’t mean they’re not looking for you.

Maybe a car commercial comes on and someone pictures her family driving to an amusement park in a new SUV instead of the minivan falling apart in the driveway – and now she has some free time to start researching one.

Or that family started their trek to the amusement park, only to break down on the side of the road. They immediately went to their iPhones to search for “car repair.”

Or on a pool day, someone is scrolling through his Facebook feed. Your message about a giveaway for tickets to a baseball game is there, reminding him that you’re a local car dealer – and he should really enter because it would be a great place to take a date to.

You need to make sure that your dealership’s strategy is still strong enough to show up when these customers are looking for you.

Our digital marketing experts have 4 tips to make sure that your content strategy doesn’t go on vacation mode this summer.

Summer Quotes - Content Strategy

The possibilities are endless! Use this summer to have some fun with your content instead of pushing it aside until fall.