I hear it all the time from clients. “Can you make that price bigger?” or “Can you highlight 0% APR financing?”

Sure, I can. However, the correct answer is that I shouldn’t.

Why? Users don’t want to be bombarded with sales pitches. It sounds cliché, but they really just want to see content that they can relate with.

So here’s my secret: stop thinking about Facebook advertising as a medium to push sales. A Facebook ad doesn’t have to have a strong sell – it can also be engaging content that you want specific audiences to see.

You know that one of the benefits of using Facebook Advertising is its targeting ability, especially for car dealers. Use this to your advantage and offer these specific audiences with messages created just for them to broaden your reach and grow your audience of potential customers.

Reach a New Audience

In my previous blog post, I used the example of a client’s Facebook fans to show that the majority of their clients were men aged 18-34:

Facebook Fan Insights

This also tells us something else: just 17% of the fans are women. Women need cars, too, so there’s no reason that they wouldn’t interact with a dealership. An “advertising” strategy that targets women with relevant content would be a great way to increase the female fan base.

Create content about safe family vehicles and other content that women ask about in the dealership and target these posts to females in the area. Be sure to check back on your Insights, though, as you want to make sure that once you have more female fans you’re including content for them on your Facebook page!

Target In-Market Shoppers 

You can also use Polk Data in Power Editor to reach local users who are in-market for a new vehicle. Just because they’re looking doesn’t mean that they want to see what their monthly payment would be. Sometimes it’s just enough to let them know that you’re in the area and are providing them with engaging or useful content, not just a constant sales pitch.


Including a colorful photo catches the attention of the Facebook user – and it doesn’t offer a payment price or in-your-face sales pitch.

Not sure how to do this? Download our guide, Everything Your Need to Know About Facebook Power Editor, and create messages just for these audiences.

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