One of the great benefits of advertising with Adwords is the ability to target your ads to the most relevant audience based on many different types of targeting options. One of the most important and widely used of these options is location-targeting (also known as geotargeting).

E-commerce retailers will generally target the entire USA, but most “brick-and-mortar” stores or businesses only cater to customers within a certain distance from their physical location. This is certainly true for someone like an electrician who will only travel a certain distance to a customer, but the fact is that most businesses (like car dealers) don’t expect someone to travel very far if there are similar options closer to them. Because of this, it’s so important to control where your ads are showing up.

Take Control of Your Audience

For example, if someone is interested in your business and clicks your ad, only to realize once they land on your site that you’re too far from them, it’s a loss for both parties.  The customer did not get the result that they hoped for and you’ve already been charged for that click.

Even if your ad clearly states where you’re located and even if you don’t anticipate these types of mistaken clicks, it’s still important to incorporate location targeting. I say this because if you get too many impressions without clicks, it results in a low Click Through Rate (CTR), which leads to a lower Quality Score. Making sure your ad is only seen by the most relevant audience will increase CTR and Quality Score, and ultimately, lead to lower overall costs and a better ROI.

It can also be a waste of your advertising budget to target a town or region where a competitor is located, since most people in that area won’t travel to you if they have a much closer option that they rely on. This is very often the case with car dealerships, especially in larger metropolitan areas where there’s a larger concentration of dealerships in a small area. People in these areas don’t feel the need to travel very far to purchase a car or get their car serviced.

On the other hand, car dealerships may want to take advantage of geotargeting to specifically target a new market and try to expand their reach. This definitely makes sense for a dealership that’s planning to open in a new location and wants to do some branding efforts to build awareness there. In this case, location targeting is very powerful because it allows you to target a city where you wouldn’t show up so high organically.

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