Google rolls out new updates daily, but none of them have affected small businesses like the new “My Business” feature, GMB for short. Since our last post on this topic, Google has made managing your business pages a lot easier.

Maintaining your Google Plus, Google Plus Business, and Google Plus Local Listing pages were unbearable for a variety of reasons, but an obvious flaw was that none of these pages were related to each other.  Trying to figure out which page to verify, or disconnecting YouTube channels from one page and attempting to move it to another page you own, was a mess to say the least. However, it seems that Google took note of all the complaints and created something that seems to fix (almost) all of the major issues.

The My Business feature is a godsend for small businesses for one main reason; it brings all of those separate Google Plus platforms together into one clean and simple interface. Spanning 226 countries/regions and available in 65 languages, this may be the biggest Google Local update ever.

Now, whether you want to manage Google Plus Local or Business, it is all on the same dashboard. Here’s what the new dashboard includes:

  • Quickly edit all general business information and add photos
  • The ability to post straight to your Google+ page
  • Insights:
    • Visibility (Views, clicks)
    • Engagement (Actions, posts)
    • Audience (New Followers, where they’re from)
  • Reviews:
    • Reviews from Google and around the web
    • Manage and respond to reviews
    • Analytics are available
  • YouTube
    • New subscribers
    • Views
    • Minutes watched
  • Analyze your sites traffic through Google Analytics

Google My Business

This might seem like a simple upgrade, but it makes a big difference to small business owners. Being able to post, upload and track all the data in one spot can help cut down on time logging in and out of different accounts, all while giving you a broader picture of how your company is doing.

So if you’ve given up on Google Plus, take a minute to log back in and see the new changes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.