Let’s take a look at one small portion of your content strategy: digital content marketing. You blog daily about topics that are relevant to your audience. You create fresh and unique content for your website on a regular basis. You optimize your pieces. You share content socially and engage your community of followers. You have your digital content marketing strategy down, right?

Well, there may be one aspect that you’ve overlooked—the power of using video as part of your content marketing strategy. This is something we always encourage our clients to do, and something you should be doing too!

Here are some standout reasons to start using video in your strategy today:

  1. You can optimize video for a search engine behemoth

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? On a monthly basis it gets more than 1 billion unique user visits. Also on a monthly basis more than 6 billion hours of video are viewed, according to YouTube.

If you are looking to engage persons between the ages of 18 and 34, this is a great outlet, as YouTube reaches this demographic more than any cable network, according to Nielsen!

As content marketers we spend so much time optimizing text for Google, but we ought to also optimize videos for the second largest guy in the room. YouTube is, after all, owned by Google and videos often rank well on Google too, so really it’s a win-win.

Have you created a YouTube channel for your business yet? The time is now.

  1. Get your point across quicker

I was reading an article on videobrewery.com that mentioned how many written words a one-minute video is worth. The answer: 1.8 million! Imagine writing a 1.8-million word blog post? Heck no!

This astonishing statistic comes from a study done by Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, and it really is shocking. But it also is a revelation that using video in your content strategy is a seriously practical use of your time and energy.

  1. People simply like video

Let’s face it- people can sometimes be quite lazy. Video is an easy way for users to absorb information, without putting in the work.

But there’s much more to it than assumed laziness. In an article found on Forbes.com, the psychology of why people love video is detailed; it is worth checking out!

  1. You can get a new perspective

We are talking reviews! Using video to grab quick testimonials from clients and customers is a valuable tactic that you should be using. You spend so much time and effort asserting yourself as an expert in your field, but flipping the camera for just a few seconds will give your audience social proof. In just a 30-second clip you turn your customers into spokespeople for your business and they will be the most trusted spokespeople that your users have found yet. (People trust their peers!)

So get a new perspective—your customers’! Having a video camera handy and asking for a few words when you catch them one-on-one will be much easier and more effective than asking them to write reviews.

Now it’s time to go set up a YouTube channel for your business and get to work. Good luck!