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SEO vs. SEM: A Digital Marketing Duo

Though their abbreviations are nearly identical, SEO and SEM are two different services. SEO is focused on organic search results – where the goal is to get to the top of “page 1″ by optimizing your website for the benefit of your visitors and customers.  SEM, on the other hand, is centered around choosing specific keywords to invest in when you want to appear in the paid search results on major search engines, like Google or Bing. When these services are used individually, they can help your business grow its online reach, but together, they will greatly enhance your digital marketing strategy.

Learn some key similarities and differences with our simple guide.

SEO vs SEM Guide




Laura Bonawits

As a project manager at PCG, Laura Bonawits spends much of her time with Google Analytics, keyword research and color-coded spreadsheets. Outside of the office, she enjoys making handmade fabric dolls, experimenting with new recipes, and running along the beach or on trails.

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