SEO - Typing LettersYou’ve got it. You’ve done the analytics research, found the keywords that are going to take your business to the top and your link building strategy is primed to go. The path to SERP glory is laid out before you. Yet, once you get to the top of the list on Google, your actual business doesn’t reflect this high ranking.

There are a number of reasons why this happens, but one of the most common is that you haven’t answered the question that brought them online in the first place. You have to remember these people aren’t necessarily searching for you; they’re searching for an answer. If the content you’ve created that is supposed to drive them to your main site doesn’t resonate with them, then all that hard work is for nothing because there’s no return on investment. That’s why the content you write matters more than ever.

So, how do you change this?

Answer a Question

People use search engines to answer questions. Google is amazing at knowing what you’re looking for, and they’re continually striving to get better at it. That’s where your SEO value comes in, but it can’t convert potential customers into real-life customers for you. It’s the old “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink,” scenario. Answering their question is often what gets you over that last hurdle.

Make a Connection

Most of the time, people don’t go looking for specific dealerships, or even specific models. They’re looking for a “good family vehicle,” or a “durable pickup.” Your content has to convince them that, not only do you have what they’re looking for, you understand why they need it. It helps to be personal when writing content. Picture a specific person and break down what that person is looking for. You probably already understand what geotargeting is, it’s like that, but for your potential customers.

Make it Personal

Let’s say it’s a mother who is constantly shuttling her two children around town to school, sports and so on. Gear your content towards what you think her concerns would be. Write about how you have a vehicle that’s fuel-efficient when it comes to running around town. That it got a high safety rating for its safety features designed for passengers. Lead this mother to what she wants to find—a safe, reliable sedan that fits her budget.

If you can get personal and get to the heart of why someone is searching online, then all that SEO work you did will start paying dividends in the real world.

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