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Back to Basics: SEO Tips For 2015

Technology has come a long way over the years, but SEO can still be simple. Follow our basic tips to get SEO right in 2015.

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The Evolution of Watching Sports With Social Media – and What It Can Mean for Your Business

In addition to enjoying the game with the company of friends and bargoers, social media allows sports fans — and your business — to be instantly be connected to thousands who are also watching the game.

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Trademarking a Hashtag? It’s Already Happening

Hashtags are both fun and functional for casual Twitter users and businesses. But happens when a business wants to take it a step further and own that hashtag?

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An Unsung Hero – The WordPress Plugin

Plugins empower WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine, from social sharing to SEO and beyond. Find out how this unsung hero can enhance your website.

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