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Use Your Voice: How To Write Fresh Content for Different Clients

Learn how to alter your tone and voice when writing for different clients with these tips from one of PCG’s expert content writers!

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The Right Way to Brand Your Business on Instagram

With 300 million users and counting, Instagram one of the largest social networks and a great platform for marketing your business. But, it comes with a catch. Instagram greatly differs from other major social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. […]

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Embed Between the Lines: How to Tell a Story in the New Multimedia World

The Internet hosts more content than we could hope to read in a lifetime, so how can your blog stand out? The best practices go beyond the words themselves.

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Tips for Proofreading Your Own Work [Infographic]

Don’t let mistakes sneak past you next time you’re editing your own work. Our infographic is filled with tips and tricks for double checking your content before hitting publish.

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CrossFit and Content Marketing: More Than Just a Craze

Never thought about the similarities between content marketing and crossfit? Well, we’re making the comparison. Learn what these two “crazes” have in common.

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Uncovering the Truth: Content Marketing Myths and Realities

Think you know the facts about content marketing? Check out the myths and realities to digital marketing’s biggest trend.

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Infographics: What, When, and How

Infographics can help to make your content stand out. Learn more about this content marketing trend and how you can create your own!

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I Took a Drive Today and I Didn’t Think About You

March 20th was nothing more than your average wintery, almost spring day. The birds were not chirping, the neighborhood was quiet, the temperature outside was neither cold or warm, and I couldn’t decide if I should wear a jacket. I […]

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Three Ways Digital Marketing Is Like Dating

In honor of Valentine’s day, we’re exploring how the rules of dating apply to digital marketing. Learn more about the connection on the PCG blog!

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Five Tips to Get Your Emails Opened

If you don’t want to see another frightening analytics report, take a look at our five tips to help get more of your emails opened!

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