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  • Geotargeting - Earth Magnifying Glass

    Using Location Targeting in Google AdWords

    Location targeting with AdWords will not only help you save money; you can also use geotargeted campaigns in your dealership’s marketing. Let us tell you more!

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  • Geotargeting 2

    An Introduction to Geotargeting in AdWords

    Geotargeting with AdWords is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your business is seen by the right people online. Let us tell you how to apply it to your business.

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  • Get Reviews Without Begging - Five Stars

    Get Reviews for Your Dealership (Without Begging for Them!)

    Many online review sites discredit businesses who ask for customer reviews. Our simple strategies will help you get more positive reviews for your dealership without ever having to ask!

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  • PCG Ad Extensions

    The Power of Ad Extensions: Reach Your Customers Like Never Before

    Google AdWords provides a unique way to advertise their business in a way that allows the consumer direct access to the product or services being offered. Stand out from competitors using the same strategy with AdWords Extensions!

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  • Compare

    LotLinx Is The Perfect Companion to Automotive Google Adwords

    PCG is the first digital agency to encourage dealers to get their inventory syndicated to the 130+ websites in the Lotlinx network. As a reseller for LotLinx, we are confident that this investment is a smart choice for auto dealers in 2014. Keep reading to learn more!

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  • Toyota Serp 200

    Google Enhances SERP With Vertical Tools For Automotive Keywords

    By Brian Pasch Google must be serving too much espresso at HQ; two major changes in SERPs this week.  Yesterday I wrote about how Google Adwords will show in the SERPs, and the blue arrow shows how ad units will be clearly identified.  Today, I …

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  • Ad 200

    Google Changes Adwords SERP Format With Yellow Ad Markers

    By Brian Pasch Working in the field of digital marketing never gets boring.  I’m in Milford Ohio this morning and I was conducting a search on Google and noticed that something had changed.  The way in which Google is identifying Google Adwords ads has changed. …

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  • Paid Ads Miami 200

    Google Adwords SEM On Steroids For Car Dealers

    By Brian Pasch I love my job.  It never gets boring.  In fact you can say that my job can change on a dime, thanks to Google engineers.  As more business owners seek to make sense of all the opportunities that are presented by online …

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  • Confessions Small

    Confessions Of A Google Adwords Advocate

    By Brian Pasch Marketing professionals often recommend Google Adwords investments as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. I have been a vocal advocate for Adwords in the automotive industry for many years, as dealers work to increase their visibility with car shoppers in the …

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  • Adwords Lie 200

    The Big Google Adwords Lie

    By Brian Pasch There are hundreds of companies offering business owners Google Adwords campaign management services.  The Return on Investment (ROI) you will see from using Adwords will depend on a number of factors, but one thing is certain, you should be inspecting the quality …

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