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  • Lotlinx Puzzle 400 Sq

    The Missing Piece Of The Automotive Digital Marketing Puzzle

    Looking to increase the effectiveness of your automotive digital marketing strategy? See how LotLinx can do that for you!

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  • Lotlinx Squared

    LotLinx Delivers Measurable Internet Sales Leads

    LotLinx is a performance based inventory syndication solution where dealers only get charged only if qualified traffic comes to their website Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP). Lotlinx provides measurable traffic, leads, and phone calls – with results you can see!

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  • LotLinx List 600

    LotLinx WOW Means LotLinx NOW

    In January as a group, LotLinx dealers shifted 11% of their SEM spend to LotLinx- an average of $1,933 per month: They reduced their cost per shopper from an average of $23.70 with Adwords, to $3.99 with LotLinx They reduced their cost per VDP view …

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  • LotLinx

    Increase Your VDP Traffic by 50% or More with LotLinx

    Are you losing valuable traffic (and leads) to other 3rd party classified ads and lead providers? LotLinx lets you regain control of your traffic by syndicating the inventory of over 130 classified websites and delivering the VDP views back to your own website. With LotLinx, …

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  • Arrowtovdpviews 200

    LotLinx Reduces Days On Lot and Increases Sales Velocity

    By Brian Pasch I have been writing about LotLinx for a number of months and I am still very excited about this product.  As I collect more data on dealers, who are using this vehicle advertising platform, the results are confirming what I first promised …

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  • Compare

    LotLinx Is The Perfect Companion to Automotive Google Adwords

    PCG is the first digital agency to encourage dealers to get their inventory syndicated to the 130+ websites in the Lotlinx network. As a reseller for LotLinx, we are confident that this investment is a smart choice for auto dealers in 2014. Keep reading to learn more!

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  • 92 New Small

    Accelerate Car Shoppers Not Generic Traffic To Your Website

    By Brian Pasch Dealers are naturally skeptical on new marketing strategies because they have been burned many times in the past.  I don’t blame dealers for being cautious.  However, I will continue to pound the table not with an emotional plea but with actual data …

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  • Confessions Small

    Confessions Of A Google Adwords Advocate

    By Brian Pasch Marketing professionals often recommend Google Adwords investments as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. I have been a vocal advocate for Adwords in the automotive industry for many years, as dealers work to increase their visibility with car shoppers in the …

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  • Lotlinx Traffic Google Analytics

    LotLinx Review Shows Traffic Is Clearly Visible in Google Analytics

    LotLinx drives consumers who found a vehicle, which the dealer owns, directly to the best source of information about the vehicle: the dealer’s Vehicle Details Page (VDP). The dealer’s VDP is free of advertising and distractions from competing parties.

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  • Lotlinx New Traffic 200

    LotLinx Drives New Car Shoppers To Dealership Websites

    By Brian Pasch I have written about the opportunities that are available with LotLinx and you can watch my video overview of the program on this page: When dealers join the LotLinx program, their inventory is syndicated to over 130 classified advertising websites.  However, unlike other …

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