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Search Google for the Approach to Rebranding

We at PCG Marketing want to show you three simple things that you can learn for your own company from Google’s approach to rebranding.

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Why Periscope Is the Next Marketing Must

Twitter’s live video streaming app, Periscope, launched just a few short months ago, giving users the opportunity to broadcast in real time. Here’s what you need to know about the revolutionary social medium that is changing the game for brands […]

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Save Money, Hire An Expert

If you think you can manage your dealership’s paid search accounts without hiring an agency, take a moment to read our seven reasons why your dealership needs a paid search expert.

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Google and Twitter Reunited: Searchable Tweets in Real-Time

Have you heard the news? Learn about Google and Twitter’s recent agreement and what it means for marketers.

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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Marketing: Tips for Car Dealers

Having a holiday marketing strategy is crucial for car dealerships. Keep reading to learn five tips to help your dealership shine this season.

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Using Location Targeting in Google AdWords

Location targeting with AdWords will not only help you save money; you can also use geotargeted campaigns in your dealership’s marketing. Let us tell you more!

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How to Make Your Clients Feel Like Part of the Family

Getting to know your clients and making them feel like a part of the family has so many benefits. Satisfied customers are more likely to stick around and communicate more often, resulting in an all-around greater partnership.

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Protect Your Business: Anonymous Yelp Reviews and Your Rights

You know that online reviews are important, but did you know that they really can have an effect on foot traffic – and sales? See how one man’s small business is suffering so badly that he’s taken Yelp to court.

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It’s Not Science-Fiction. It’s 2014’s Way of Marketing! [Infographic]

Check out how today’s marketers may seem like advanced explorers to the marketers of earlier decades online now!

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The Three Most Awkward Marketing Moments From Super Bowl XLVIII

I love the Super Bowl, but last night was just plain underwhelming. While underwhelming is probably not something FOX, the NFL, or the advertisers were hoping for, it’s still better than a poorly timed ad, a cable interruption, or a social media snafu.

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