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Save Money, Hire An Expert

If you think you can manage your dealership’s paid search accounts without hiring an agency, take a moment to read our seven reasons why your dealership needs a paid search expert.

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Is Your Company Running a Remarketing Campaign?

Remarketing, huh yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing… Well, that’s not true at all, but I didn’t want to change all of the lyrics to Norman Whittfield and Barrett Strong’s famous song “War.” So remarketing…what exactly is this […]

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Things to Avoid When Shopping for a New Vendor

Shopping around for a new vendor? Check out PCG’s latest blog for some things you should avoid when looking for a new digital marketing partner.

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Client Testimonial: BIO-key International

We helped to take BIO-key International’s SEO and SEM strategies to the next level. Check out their testimonial (it rhymes!)

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Google’s New Callout Extension: The Basics

Google’s new callout ad extension can help take your dealership’s paid search campaign to the next level. Learn more about this update in our latest blog post.

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SEO vs. SEM: A Digital Marketing Duo

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are similar, yet different at the same time. Check out our simple guide to learn how they can work together to enhance your online marketing efforts.

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The Power of Ad Extensions: Reach Your Customers Like Never Before

Google AdWords provides a unique way to advertise their business in a way that allows the consumer direct access to the product or services being offered. Stand out from competitors using the same strategy with AdWords Extensions!

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Don’t Let One Breakthrough Drain Your Ad Budget

If you’re running an AdWords campaign, be on the lookout for Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns – campaigns that automatically opt users into mobile and tablet campaigns. Read on to see how this can affect your ad budget.

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Common Paid Search Advertising Mistakes that Are Wasting Your Money

Paid search advertising can be very effective, but it can also cost a lot of money if not managed effectively. Here are four common mistakes found in automotive paid search.

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How to Prepare for the Google Adwords Certification Exam

While anyone with a Google account and a computer can handle a PPC account, doing so effectively requires an in-depth knowledge of the model — knowledge that can only be obtained by passing Google’s AdWords Certification Exam.

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