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Bursting Through the Barricades of Writer’s Block

I know you know what I’m talking about. Whether you’re a writer by choice or a writer by trade, at one time during your career, you’ve experienced the dreaded disease or been plagued with the common symptoms of the illness […]

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Why Google Algorithm Updates Shouldn’t Be Scary

The SEO world’s two most infamous animals are creating chatter once again after Google’s Gary Illyes offered up some information regarding the Panda and Penguin updates at the SMX Advanced conference earlier this month. According to Illyes, a new Panda […]

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Embed Between the Lines: How to Tell a Story in the New Multimedia World

The Internet hosts more content than we could hope to read in a lifetime, so how can your blog stand out? The best practices go beyond the words themselves.

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Google’s Local Guides Program: Rewards for Reviews

Google’s Local Guides program incentivizes and encourages community members to write more online reviews. Want to learn more? Check out our latest blog post.

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Is Your Company Running a Remarketing Campaign?

Remarketing, huh yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing… Well, that’s not true at all, but I didn’t want to change all of the lyrics to Norman Whittfield and Barrett Strong’s famous song “War.” So remarketing…what exactly is this […]

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Back to Basics: SEO Tips For 2015

Technology has come a long way over the years, but SEO can still be simple. Follow our basic tips to get SEO right in 2015.

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Things to Avoid When Shopping for a New Vendor

Shopping around for a new vendor? Check out PCG’s latest blog for some things you should avoid when looking for a new digital marketing partner.

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Client Testimonial: BIO-key International

We helped to take BIO-key International’s SEO and SEM strategies to the next level. Check out their testimonial (it rhymes!)

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Turn to PCG for SEO

PCG was named “Most Scalable SEO Solution.” Join our free webinar on November 11 for a behind the scenes look at the advanced SEO strategies available only from PCG!

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PCG Wins Award for Best Scaled SEO Program

PCG has won a Searchie award for Best Scaled SEO Program at the 2014 C3 Conference! Keep reading to learn more.

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