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Turn the Volume Up: How Listening to Music at Work Improves Performance

Did you know that listening to music at work could actually improve your productivity? Learn four reasons why you should start plugging in today!

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5 Reasons Why Events are Good for Company Culture

Planning events for your employees is great for your overall company culture. Learn five reasons why we enjoy hosting staff events here at PCG!

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Top 10 Personalities to Hire for Your Content Team

The main ingredient to a successful content team is creativity. If you’re in the digital marketing industry, you may have heard the phrase “content is king” a time or two. But in this case, creativity is king — so content can be queen for now. […]

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Five Nifty (and Free) Online Tools for Digital Marketers

Every now and then I stumble across something online that makes me think, “man, I love the Internet.” In the office, that’s usually a site or tool that makes my job easier, makes my work better, and most importantly, doesn’t cost anything. […]

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Let College Students Help to Grow Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Summer is a great opportunity to get some extra help in your digital marketing department. Learn how college interns can help accomplish more this season!

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Six Tips for Avoiding Eye Strain

Eye strain is common when you spend most of your day typing away in front of a computer screen. Here are six tips to help preserve your vision.

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Take a Break: Three Office-Friendly Exercises to Get You Moving

Are you having trouble maintaining focus throughout the day? Take a five minute break to do some cube-friendly exercises. Learn some of our favorites!

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Protecting Your Assets from the Unexpected

What happens to all of your business accounts once a key employee leaves? Read our tips to safeguard yourself against many chances of losing your assets.

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How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Time Off

With Memorial Day Weekend just a few hours away, it’s time to start thinking about your upcoming summer vacation. It’s more than just beach days and relaxation, though; it’s making sure all your work is done and you can actually enjoy it.

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How to Make Your Clients Feel Like Part of the Family

Getting to know your clients and making them feel like a part of the family has so many benefits. Satisfied customers are more likely to stick around and communicate more often, resulting in an all-around greater partnership.

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