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Meet Our Team

Glenn Pasch
Glenn Pasch Glenn Pasch
Kwasi Asare-Darko
SEM Specialist
Kwasi Asare-Darko Kwasi Asare-Darko
Laura Bonawits
Content Manager
Laura Bonawits Laura Bonawits
Stan Cain
Art Director
Stan Cain Stan Cain
Kristen Chiarello
Account Manager
Kristen Chiarello Kristen Chiarello
John Feeley
Project Manager
John Feeley John Feeley
Sean Feiring
Account Manager
Sean Feiring Sean Feiring
Melanie Ferrato
Business Operations
Melanie Ferrato Melanie Ferrato
Michele Filipkowski
Project Manager
Michele Filipkowski Michele Filipkowski
Caitlyn Ford
Social Media Manager
Caitlyn Ford Caitlyn Ford
Tony Freda
Account Manager
Tony Freda Tony Freda
Lisa Grande
Account Manager
Lisa Grande Lisa Grande

Nicole Hallenbeck
Content Writer

Nicole Hallenbeck Nicole Hallenbeck
Shawn Hoagland
Web Team Manager
Shawn Hoagland Shawn Hoagland
Nick Jiorle
Content Writer
Nick Jiorle Nick Jiorle
Don Lampert
SEO/SEM Specialist
Don Lampert Don Lampert
Michael Lizza
Director of Sales
Mike Lizza Mike Lizza
Lisa Lucantoni
Project Manager
Lisa Lucantoni Lisa Lucantoni
Brian Lundy
Web Developer
Brian Lundy Brian Lundy
Renee McGowan
Renee McGowan Renee McGowan
Kaitlin Montague
Content Writer
Kaitlin Montague Kaitlin Montague
Brittany Murphy
Account Manager
Brittany Murphy Brittany Murphy
Gina Orlando
Marketing Coordinator
Gina Orlando Gina Orlando
Dawn Pasch
Social Media Coordinator
Dawn Pasch Dawn Pasch
Jamie Paton
Project Manager
Jamie Paton Jamie Paton
Brett Praskach
Content Writer
Brett Praskach Brett Praskach
Donna Recchione
Content Writer
Donna Recchione Donna Recchione
Laura Russo
Social Media Manager
Laura Russo Laura Russo
Lisa Salabritas
Marketing Manager
Lisa Salabritas Lisa Salabritas
Tom Smeaton
Project Manager
Tom Smeaton Tom Smeaton
Tara Vitale
Project Manager
Tara Vitale Tara Vitale
Daniel Webb
Daniel Webb Daniel Webb