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Auto Marketing Now: Your Google AdWords Investment Part Two

Almost half of automotive dealers rate their AdWords agency at or below average. Keep reading to find out what else we learned in our Google AdWords Research Report.

Let’s Optimize That Facebook Audience

The latest Facebook page update left many of us confused as to where audience optimization went, but we found it! Keep reading to learn how to create your preferred audience.

Auto Marketing Now: Your Google AdWords Investment

Is your Google AdWords investment exceeding your expectations? If not, tune into Auto Marketing Now to learn about our findings in the Google AdWords Research Report.

Auto Marketing Now: How to Improve Your Internet Sales Process

The national average lead-to-sale ratio for the auto industry is 10%. Keep reading to learn how to set up clear, consistent training and increase your sales ratio to 13+ percent!

Beauty and the Beast: How to Balance Your Professional & Personal Persona in the Internet Age

Each and every one of us is now leaving a digital footprint – are you proud of yours? Keep reading to find out how you can better balance your personal and professional persona.

Google AdWords Updates to Include Imported Call Conversions

Your ROI cannot be accurately calculated without up-to-date call conversion data, which is what makes Google AdWords’ latest update so great. Keep reading to learn more on their imported call conversions!

The Ultimate Automotive Marketing Budgeting Spreadsheet

Need help allocating your marketing dollars? Join Brian Pasch on this week’s episode of Auto Marketing Now as he goes in the lab to share his budgeting secret!

Instagram Ads: You Don’t Need an Account to Benefit

From its vast reach to its seamless syndication with Facebook, Instagram advertising is on the up and up. Keep reading to find out all the ways you can benefit from this advertising platform!

5 Lessons SEO Strategists Can Learn From the Olympics

With hard work and the right techniques, you too can create a winning SEO strategy! Check out these tips to establish, implement and maintain a SEO gold medalist.

Virtual Reality: The Future of Automotive Digital Marketing

Imagine shoppers could engage with your showroom from their couch? Check out this week’s episode of Auto Marketing Now for a showroom visit like you’ve never seen before.

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