john jones auto group

Visibility, Traffic, and Conversions Skyrocket

Who: John Jones Auto Group
Industry: Automotive
Summary: Spreading their paid search investment across multiple campaigns, John Jones Auto Group struggled for high ad placement and saw limited traffic, conversions, and ad visibility.

power ford - logo

SEO & PPC Drive Lead Traffic

Who: Power Ford
Industry: Automotive
Summary: PCG and Power Ford joined forces in January of 2014 after their General Manager, Darin Wade, heard about PCG at a digital marketing conference…


PPC Strategy Increases Clicks & Conversions

Who: Acura Columbus
Industry: Automotive
Summary: Acura Columbus has been a client with PCG since 2011 and added Paid Search to their package in 2013 to increase their presence in local search results and increase traffic to their website. …


Page One Keyword Rankings Soar

Who: BIO-key
Industry: B2B
Summary: Vice President of Marketing at BIO-key sought a vendor to assist BIO-key with its online marketing strategy…

duct dudes logo

Organic Traffic Increases 56%

Who: Duct Dudes
Industry: B2C
Summary: Duct Dudes teamed up with PCG to increase their local search presence and outrank their competitors…


Organic Traffic More Than Doubles

Who: Sunnyside Chevrolet
Industry: Automotive
Summary: Sunnyside Chevrolet joined PCG at the beginning of 2013 to increase their presence in local search results and ourank their competitors…


VDP Traffic Increases 77%

Who: Brown & Brown RV
Industry: Automotive/RV
Summary: Brown & Brown RV wanted to obtain the same online success as another family dealership. PCG helped the RV dealership with a new SEO strategy and custom model pages designed to drive more traffic to VPD pages…


Website Traffic Increases by 51%

Who: Vets-Cars
Industry: Automotive
Summary: Vets-Cars wanted to increase search visibility to both military personnel and car dealerships providing members of the armed forces with exemplary service. They enlisted PCG to create a new website optimized for national and local phrases…

Legacy Ford

Social Media Ads Result in 10 Tests Drives in 1 Month

Who: Legacy Ford
Industry: Automotive
Summary: Legacy Ford wanted to increase social awareness and build a local following in their large Texas community. They enlisted PCG to create a multi-channel social campaign that offered a gas card in exchange for completed test drives…

capital ford lincoln

Non-Branded Keyword Traffic Increased 32% In 2 Years

Who: Capital Ford Lincoln
Industry: Automotive
Summary: In early 2011, Canadian dealership Capital Ford LINCOLN had two objectives: to increase Web traffic and to expand their market area. They recognized that a strong digital presence was key to achieving these goals, but didn’t know how to go about it…


Online Visibility Increased 42% In 3 Months

Who: Freshpet
Industry: Consumer Goods
Summary: Freshpet is a national pet food company whose top priority is to create natural, healthy and fresh food for dogs and cats. Crafting recipes specifically designed for pets is their passion—and they wanted to share it with the world. To do this, Freshpet needed to increase their online presence in ten major cities in the US. They enlisted PCG Digital Marketing to help them dominate Google search results…


Non-Branded Keyword Traffic Grew Over 100%

Who: Stearns Ford
Industry: Automotive
Summary: When Stearns Ford came to PCG in August 2012, they knew they needed a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy to expand their target market and grow their online visibility. While the Burlington, NC Ford dealership embraced video production, they turned to PCG to help fill in the rest of the SEO puzzle…


Website Redesign Decreases Bounce Rate, Increases Leads

Who: Mortgages for Champions
Industry: B2C
Summary: Mortgages for Champions– a mortgage company that caters to “local heroes” like teachers, doctors, military personel and more– wanted to give a modern refresh to their six-year-old website. The company looked to PCG to revamp the site’s appearance, improve the mobile experience, and enhance the overall user-friendliness…