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Social Media

Social media is like a cocktail party – it’s where you socialize with users, not sell to them. This is the mantra at PCG when we create social media branding and advertising strategies for your business.

Social Media

Social Media Branding & Advertising

When it comes to promoting your dealership on social media, it’s about creating a strong branding message, not resenting a constant sales pitch.

Facebook campaigns, offers and giveaways all focus around branding the business and engaging with fans. Facebook users who like a business’ page know they sell a product or service, so there is no need to constantly be reminding them with page posts. Campaigns can be focused on inventory, service or businesses branding and include Facebook advertisements with links back to the business’ website or a mobile friendly page.

Keep in Touch Before, During and After the Sale

With our Social Media Branding & Advertising Packages, we won’t simply post unrelated links or funny photos on your social sites. We will work with your dealership to create social media marketing campaigns that highlight all the good your business does and will shed a positive light and provide a great experience for your Facebook fans.

We know the “one size fits all” approach does not work within the realm of social media, which is why we offer more than one solution to help your business achieve the most desired results. That’s why we offer tiered social media marketing strategies that utilize third party sources such as Facebook Advertising, ShortStack, Twitter Advertising and more. Our dedicated team members will work with your business to create a seamless plan of action to help hit your goals.

Social Media Packages

So join the conversation! Let PCG Digital Marketing help to advertise your business on social media today.
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