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Automotive Video Pre-Roll

More than one billion unique users visit YouTube each month -- that's an audience you can't overlook. Reach your target market with PCG's automotive pre-roll video campaigns.

automotive video pre-roll

Not only is YouTube the second largest search engine following Google, it has more than four-billion hours of video watched each month and 72 hours of video uploaded every minute. That’s an audience that you cannot miss out on reaching with your message.

At PCG Digital Marketing, our automotive video pre-roll experts create and implement TrueView video pre-roll campaigns that get your advertisements seen by the YouTube viewers who are in your market. Just like other paid search strategies, you only pay when someone interacts with your ad. 

How Pre-Roll Video Reaches Your Target Market

Our video pre-roll strategies are divided into three strategies designed for specific results:

  • Brand Messaging: Use video ads to showcase your brand or unique message
  • Call To Action: Create a video ad based on the desired action of the consumer.
  • Conquest: Create a video to compare yourself to the competition – and show why you’re the best.

Each 15 second or 30 second pre-roll video ends with a clear call to action that effectively says, “Click on this video for more information.” The consumer is brought to a custom landing page designed to match the message of the video.

These videos aren’t shown to just anyone; they’re targeted to people who fit your message and are likely to click onto the next step. And even if they don’t want to see that message, there’s no loss – you only pay when someone watches the video!

Let PCG Help

In addition to setting up the video campaign, our Automotive Video Pre-roll service includes custom editing and branding integration, themed graphics for the text ad and accompanying banner and video optimization.

For clients without access to video equipment, our video pre-roll specialists will work with you to develop a script, shoot a video and optimize it with the ultimate goal of getting potential customers to click on your ad.

Contact us to talk about a plan for your business to get in front of a new audience with this engaging advertising opportunity today.