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WordPress Web Design

Your website is a potential customer’s first impression of your business. Let's make that impression an outstanding one.

Web Development

Whether you are looking to modernize your existing online presence, create a mobile responsive site or do a complete rebranding, PCG Digital Marketing can help you thrive in an increasingly competitive digital space with our WordPress Web Design solutions.

Our knowledgeable and talented team of website design specialists will work with you to create a modern WordPress website that is built for performance and user experience, but still simple to add and edit content.

wordpress web design

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Reach Mobile Users

Since over half of all Americans own a smartphone, you need to make sure that your website can be seen on these devices. A responsive website ensures that the site is designed to provide a great user experience regardless if you’re on an iPhone, Android, iPad or desktop!

Simplify Website Management with WordPress

There’s a reason why over 7.5 million websites are built on the WordPress platform. This website platform is perfect for all types of businesses because it is secure, actively supported and developed. Another benefit is WordPress’s user-friendly Content Management allows you to take control of your own website and blog once our work is through.

All of our sites are created on WordPress and contented by our talented team of SEO content writers, leaving you with a site that is optimized to show up in search and ready to convert new customers!

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