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  • Brian 2001

    Webinar Announcement: How to Turn Your Marketing Ideas into Marketing Actions

    If you’ve spent the last few months planning for 2014, that’s great, but guess what? All that planning means nothing if you’re not executing! Join Brian Pasch on Thursday, February 27 at 1 p.m. to learn how to put this plan into action in his webinar “How to Turn Your Marketing Ideas into Marketing Actions.”

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  • ZMOT and PODScore: The Connection

    Many of you may remember that bbout a year ago, PCG Digital Marketing coined a term PODScore to help businesses understand how much “brand leakage” happened in a simple search for their name online. (you can find more about PODscore at We had a …

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  • Adapting Your Digital Advertising Strategy To Market Changes

    On August 14, 2011 an amazing team of digital marketing and social media experts will be coming to St. Louis to offer dealers the opportunity to refine their advertising and marketing strategy. The recent changes with Google Places make a strong case why dealers need …

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  • 2011 Oregon Automotive Dealer Association Presentation By Brian Pasch

    Brian Pasch recently spoke at the 2011 OADA Convention at the Sunriver Resort.  Brian spoke on automotive advertising and marketing strategies that include chat, texting, retargeting, SEO, SEM, Google Places, Google Boost, and new ways to drive more traffic and sales to a dealership website. …

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