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Keeping Your Audience in Mind

Writing with a specific audience in mind can help you create better content. Learn some tips and pointers from one of PCG’s expert content writers!

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Five Common Grammar Mistakes That Are Making Your Company Look Bad

Sometimes all it takes is just one wrong letter or apostrophe to turn a well-intentioned sentence into a grammar no-no. Check out these common mistakes that even catch the pros off guard to help you produce credible and high-quality content for your business.

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Three Places for Content Writers to Find Writing Inspiration

Writer’s block can hit at any time and, unlike that 3 o’clock slump, a cup of coffee is never enough to overcome it. Here are three tips for content writers to get use find inspiration.

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The Daily Soundtrack: Setting the Tones for Content Writing

As a professional content writer in an office setting, the workplace is either really loud – or really quiet. Whether it’s instrumental or metal, writer Morgan Balog has some ideas to help you get into groove.

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