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Why Gossip Is the Best Thing for Your Business: Tips to Improve Your Online Reputation

Are your ears ringing? Because your customers are talking about you. Online reviews increase sales, engagement, and pricing power. Get your online reputation in check with these pointers!

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Protect Your Business: Anonymous Yelp Reviews and Your Rights

You know that online reviews are important, but did you know that they really can have an effect on foot traffic – and sales? See how one man’s small business is suffering so badly that he’s taken Yelp to court.

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Why “Fixing” Your Online Reputation Is the Wrong Approach

The Internet has an incredible memory and you can’t just erase reviews, comments or anything else that can hurt your reputation online. You can, however, learn to use them to grow and respond correctly to help your image online.

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IRM: Be Yourself and Plan Ahead

In today’s always-connected world where websites and social media platforms can make or break a business, reputation management has become more important than ever. Google searches have joined word-of-mouth at the forefront of proven marketing tactics, and social media has […]

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