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  • Post-Sale Customer Service is Not a Fad

    By John Fraze Good customer service is no longer only about making a good sale and pushing a happy customer out the door. It’s about gently escorting that happy customer out the door and letting them know you’ll be there if they need anything, AKA, …

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  • Automotive ZMOT Study Repeated For New Dealers

    For dealers who missed the first automotive ZMOT Study Webinars, we will repeat the study with revised information over a series of three webinars in April and May. The initial restart will be on April 24, 2012 at 2:00 pm. The second and third webinars will …

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  • ZMOT and PODScore: The Connection

    Many of you may remember that bbout a year ago, PCG Digital Marketing coined a term PODScore to help businesses understand how much “brand leakage” happened in a simple search for their name online. (you can find more about PODscore at We had a …

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