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  • Turn Your Sales Representatives Into Social Media Ambassadors

    Showcase the people at your dealership by having employees use their personal social media accounts to connect to potential customers. When sales reps introduce themselves through Facebook, it creates a more personal experience for customers and potential customers.

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  • ZMOT and Your Online Reputation: Why Reviews Matter

    By Glenn Pasch At PCG, something that we have discussed to great length is the Zero Moment of Truth and how it impacts your online reputation. A great book on the subject by Google, available online at, outlines how shopping has changed. The Zero …

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  • Automotive ZMOT Study Repeated For New Dealers

    For dealers who missed the first automotive ZMOT Study Webinars, we will repeat the study with revised information over a series of three webinars in April and May. The initial restart will be on April 24, 2012 at 2:00 pm. The second and third webinars will …

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  • ZMOT and PODScore: The Connection

    Many of you may remember that bbout a year ago, PCG Digital Marketing coined a term PODScore to help businesses understand how much “brand leakage” happened in a simple search for their name online. (you can find more about PODscore at We had a …

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